1. Turn on the laminator and wait about 15 minutes for it to warm up.  When the thermometer (on the left side of the machine) reads between 275 and 300 degrees, it’s ready.
  2. The dial under the power switch (it reads ‘lo” to “high”) is the speed controller.  Set it to a little less than halfway between them.  It normally sets to the point but please make sure.
  3. IMPORTANT:  Before you start laminating, make sure there is some sheet hanging off the edge of the machine (behind the roller) so that your laminated items will come out, hanging off the back of the machine (rather than caught in a machine/rollers).
  4. Place your documents you want laminated on the feed tray.  Slide the materials forward until they touch the rollers.  Then flip the Drive switch to “RUN”.  (If you press on REV direction, it reverses the roller, going backward).

The knob above the Drive switch controls the speed at which materials move through the rollers; it should be set at about 10:00 – 11:00.  Normally it set at the point. Your documents will come out the back of the machine/rollers.  (Please make sure there’s a good amount of space between materials if you want to laminate multiple items).

5. Flip the Drive switch to the neutral position to stop.  Before doing so, make sure there’s enough lamination so that when you cut it, there’s some hanging off of the edge of the machine.

6. IMPORTANT: Make sure you turn off the laminator when you’re done.

Problem with the laminator should be referred to Yoko Kano at kanoy@uncw.edu


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