UNCW Logo Usage by Student Groups

A Registered Student Organization is defined in the UNCW Code of Student Life, Section VI.

Purchase of UNCW Logo Merchandise

Registered student groups may purchase merchandise bearing university marks, but all such purchases:

These licensed vendors will submit your design to UNCW Licensing and let you know if any changes are needed.

Please refer to Purchases of Logo Merchandise for additional information, including information regarding royalties.

University Seal

The seal of the University of North Carolina Wilmington is used to authenticate official university documents and to communicate the significance of special occasions and
events. It is reserved for more formal uses such as graduation programs, transcripts, diplomas, annual reports and certificates. It may be watermarked into official letterhead.

The seal is not a university logo and is not interchangeable with the UNCW house logo. The seal is a federally registered trademark. Due to the restrictive nature of its use, it does not require the ® on materials produced by UNCW.

Use of the university seal is not part of the university system for use on merchandise. However, some exceptions are made for use on merchandise of distinction. Visit UNCW licensing for clarification.

Printed Materials

Printed materials must comply with UNCW policies and the UNCW Brand Identity Guide.

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