MarineQuest Staff

The staff at MarineQuest was extremely accommodating and educated about what they were teaching. I'm really grateful that I was given the opportunity to participate in this program. I feel much more informed about the field of marine science. Thanks again! -Aubrie

Janie McAuliffe, MarineQuest Assistant Director – UNC Wilmington MarineQuest

Janie McAuliffe, MarineQuest Director

Janie is a Wilmington, NC native who received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in marine biology right here at UNCW. Bringing together years of experience in marine science research and working with children she now aids in the development of new research projects and overall growth of MarineQuest programs. Her enthusiasm for all things marine, research, and science is bringing cutting edge research programs and lessons to MarineQuest participants. When she is not working you can usually find her spending time with her baby boy or occasionally finding time for some beach volleyball, surfing, or diving.

NAUI Research Diver; UNCW Scientific Diver
PADI Dive Master
ARC Lifeguard, First-Aid, CPR; DAN Oxygen First-Aid for Scuba

Sue Kezios, Director of Youth Programs – UNC Wilmington MarineQuest

Sue Kezios, Director of Youth Programs.

Dr. K grew up on the Chesapeake Bay crabbing, oystering and fishing.  She earned a PhD in Biology from Princeton University and spent the first half of her career conducting research on cell differentiation.  Once her children enrolled in school she became concerned about the lack of science instruction they were receiving.  This led to collaboration with the NIH to create KinderScience, a hands-on science education program for young children.  In 1999 Dr. K obtained her North Carolina teaching certification and began working at UNCW.  In 2006 she was named Director of Youth Programs and immediately began creating a new standards-based curriculum for MarineQuest, one that includes field research, marine technology, and diving. 



Harris Muhlstein, MarineQuest Scienec and Research Specialist – UNC Wilmington MarineQuest

Harris Muhlstein, MarineQuest Science & Research Specialist

Harris grew up in the south shore of Long Island where he spent his youth as a competitive swimmer, surfer and ocean lifeguard. He holds both a Bachelor of Science in marine biology and Master's degree in secondary science education from the amazing UNCW. He also earned his Master of Science in marine science from the University of Texas. MarineQuest offers Harris the ability to merge his years of relevant marine science research experience with his teaching prowess that he honed as a NC high school science educator. When not designing and administering marine science based lessons at MarineQuest, he spends his free time being active, surfing, diving and inventing marine science related dance moves.


Wes King, Youth Programs Marketing and Communications Specialist

Wes King, Youth Programs Marketing and Communications Specialist

Wes is an alumni of University of North Carolina Wilmington who received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English. He has more than 10 years of experience in management and business & personal development. His professional career includes several management capacities, helping develop small businesses and helping them grow. He has also worked on several political campaigns throughout North Carolina and has worked with nonprofit organizations, both on a national level and in North Carolina. He has applied his experience of managing businesses from open to success to a variety of consultancies ranging from political campaigns and organizations and small to mid-size businesses throughout North Carolina.

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