MUSIC 301- Form Analysis

Instructor: Dr. Steven Errante
  phone: 962-3399
  office: CA 1024

MWF 11 a.m., Tue: 8:30 - 10 a.m.

Attendance: attendance is not taken; quizzes and tests may not be made up except in case of verified personal emergency

Grade: All grades are weighted. short daily assignments are given 1 to 2 points, bigger projects 4 - 6 points, and exams 4 - 6 points

Exams: two major, one final (Monday, Dec. 7, 8 - 11 a.m.). Exams will cover knowledge of forms, knowledge of the specific pieces we studied (what forms they illustrate), and ability to analyze both written and aural examples

Assignments: late assignments reduced one full letter grade; not accepted beyond one class period late. There will be a major assignment, an in-class presentation on a movement from a Beethoven symphony, during the unit on Classical Period multi-movement forms.


To acquire the tools to be able to analyze the shape and structure of music from various style periods in Western music. Analysis will be both in study of scores and in listening. Assignments will involve analysis of scores in the anthology, with findings presented in chart form or using linear reductive analysis. Exams will cover terminology, knowledge of forms, and ability to distinguish structures by listening.


Week 1 Aug. 19 - 21 Motive, Phrase, Period, Section
Design, Drama, Shape
Week 2 Aug. 24 - 28 One-Idea Forms
Song Forms (strophic, modified strophic, through-composed)
Week 3 Aug. 31 - Sept. 4 Binary and Ternary Forms
Week 4 Sep. 9 - 11 Ritornello
Week 5 Sep. 14 - 18 Rondo, Variation Forms
Week 6 Sep. 21 - 25 Variation Forms, continued, Exam 1 (Sept. 25)
Week 7 Sep. 28 - Oct. 2 Sonata-Allegro Form, the Multi-movement Cycle
Week 8 Oct. 7 - 9  
Week 9 Oct. 12 - 16  
Week 10 Oct. 19 - 23  
Week 11 Oct. 26 - 30 Exam 2 (Oct. 30)
Week 12 Nov. 2 - 6

Class presentations on Beethoven Symphonies

Week 13 Nov. 9 - 13 Class presentations continued
Week 14 Nov. 16 - 20 Fugue and French Overture
Week 15 Nov. 23 Chorale-prelude
Week 16 Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 Program forms


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