MUSIC 114 - Choral Literature



Time: MWF 10-1050              Location: CAB: 1088              Instructor: Dr. Hickman

Office hours (available daily) to be posted on my door, CAB 1060 or by appointment)


Textbook:  There is no suitable book published at this time.   I am preparing chapters and listening assignments that you are expected to keep up with using Blackboard Vista.  Musical examples are linked to these electronic files as hyperlinks.  Some of these are linked to the Classical Music Library (on the web site of the Randall Library) and others to the UNCW streaming server. In both cases, log in credentials are needed unless you are connected on campus by Ethernet. Finally there are some items that link to web sites. Login instructions for Blackboard Vista.


Format of the class: Lecture and discussion.  Although there will be reference to a timeline throughout the presentations, the approach to choral music will be by genre (madrigal, oratorio, etc.) and topic rather than historical.  The focus also will be in the evolution of musical style as seen in choral literature.


Prerequisite: Interest in choral music is essential.  Experience singing choral music is helpful.  Technical knowledge of choral literature is not a prerequisite, although you should expect to gain the facility to understand the style and speak about what you hear.


Expected work product: Primarily you are expected to participate in discussions and develop both skill in listening and ability to articulate (in writing) what you hear.  Some writing (mostly listening reports) is expected.


Tests and evaluation: Four tests throughout the semester, including the final.  These will include listening based questions, short answer questions, and some essay questions.  Grading scale: A (94-100); A- (92-93); B+ (88-91); B (84-87); B- (80-83); C+ (78-79); C (73-77); C- (70-72); D (65 - 69); F (64 or below).


Attendance and participation will be evaluated to create one grade.  Homework assignments (listening reports, etc.) will be evaluated to create one grade.  The four tests will each be one grade.  The lowest grade (except the final exam, which may not be dropped) will be dropped and the semester grade will be an average of the remaining 5 grades.


Concert attendance: You are asked to attend and report on a minimum of 3 choral music concerts. A list of events will be posted on the Blackboard and revised periodically.


Knowledge and listening skills are accumulative through the semester, but questions will not be repeated on a cumulative final.