Online Resources for Music Technology


On the worldwide web, there are thousands of links related to music technology.
Three example websites on understanding music fundamentals via technology are:
interactive music skills checks

Each contains valuable links, references, and information. Be sure to explore and think critically about each website.

A helpful website with additional, free resources is the music section of MERLOT, the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. Another website listing many commercial computer applications by musical area is Sweetwater's Music Education Technology Division. Here, you can find software focused on: notation, ear training, thematic analysis, jazz studies, piano skills, and more. Be sure to check them out!

The importance of music spans the entire globe. See this website on Music as Culture to learn more about music's impact on society, language, and dance. For other overviews on music and dance, visit the Wikiversity School of Music and Dance for background information about understanding music.

Also, be sure to expand your understanding of music technology by exploring each site in comparison to the other resources listed below.

iTheory is a beginning-level ear-training program designed for iPod users. It features interactive quizzes, a variety of intervals, scales, and perfect pitch recognition.

Think Quest offers a section on Music Theory that has a wealth of information about music notation and terminology. The guide on the left side of the page lists the information in subtopics.

Theory-on-the-Web, published by Southern Methodist University provides an in-depth resource for music theory, including many helpful audio examples. While some of the material included here is beyond the scope of this course, you will find many familiar terms and concepts with different explanations that may be helpful.

Also, at the website for Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME), there is a very helpful list of additional on-line resources and MIDI file archives on the net. From the main menu, select “Browse Here” and then “Other Resources.” For example, and Kennedy Center ArtsEdge are very useful sites. Be sure to explore these resources.

Some other informative websites on music technology are:

Finally, be sure to check out the entertaining videos, screensavers, and other fascinating music technology products at Animusic.