Theory I

MUS 111 - Fall, 2005


Class                      MWF 9:00 - 10:00 AM, Room 106, Kenan Hall


Course                 This course is the first half of an in-depth study of melody, rhythm, and harmony. 

Description      We will begin with a review of rudiments (i.e., scales, key signatures, intervals,  etc.) and progress to melodic and harmonic analysis.  This class will also introduce partwriting and basic harmonic progressions. 


Textbook            Tonal Harmony, 5th ed., by Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne.   It is accompanied by a workbook and two CDs which we will use regularly.  A good supply of staff   paper will also be needed for additional assignments and quizzes.


Instructor          Dr. Mary Jo White, Assistant Professor in the Music Department


Office                    Office hours by appointment.  See me after class or in Office 2022 at Randall  Library; 962-7727; WHITEMJ@UNCW.EDU


Concepts            By the semester's end, we will have covered the rudiments of music thoroughly.   The students should be able to recognize and write triads and seventh chords in root position and inversions using figured bass symbols.  We will also have  begun partwriting in root position and studied standard harmonic progressions.


Grading              Grading will be based on three in-class exams (50%) and an average of all graded  assignments (25%) and pop quizzes (25%).  There will be daily assignments  either reviewed in class or collected for grades.  The ten point grading scale will be used (i.e., 90-100=A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D, Below 60=F).


Attendance       REGULAR ATTENDANCE IS ESSENTIAL TO LEARNING THE MATERIAL IN THIS CLASS.  If you must miss class, give your assignments to another

student to turn in or leave them in my mailbox before class.  Late assignments will not be accepted.  Quizzes will not be made up. You may miss two quizzes and two assignments without penalty.  Exams will only be made up with a valid excuse (i.e., illness, death in the family, etc.)


General Outline for the Semester


Weeks 1-3:      Rudiments, pp. 1-38

Weeks 4-5:      Triads and Seventh Chords (including inversions and figured bass), pp. 39-56

Weeks 6-7:      Diatonic chords in major and minor keys, pp. 57-70

Weeks 8-9:        Voiceleading, pp. 71-84

Weeks 10-11:  Root position partwriting, pp. 85-98

Weeks 12-14: Harmonic progressions and analysis, harmonizing a simple melody, pp. 99-116

Weeks 15-16:  Triads in first inversion (partwriting), Introduction to counterpoint,  pp. 117-134


It is this institutionŐs stated policy that no form of dishonesty among its faculty or students will be tolerated.