Junior and Senior Recital Syllabus - Flute

MUS 393/493 – Spring, 2008


Course            The recital is a public performance either in Kenan Auditorium or a local Description          auditorium or church.  The junior recital must be at least 20 minutes of music; the

                        senior recital must be at least 40 minutes of music. 


Repertoire      The junior and senior recital must contain selections from the Junior-Senior List in the flute syllabus (Level Three).  The senior recital may contain selections from the Senior List (Level Four).  Appropriate pieces from lower levels may also be included.


Required        The student is responsible for purchasing all music.  A recommended source is

Materials        Flute World (www.fluteworld.com).


Instructor      Dr. Mary Jo White, Assistant Professor in the Music Department


Class               Lessons are held every week in various studios (TBA).  Students are expected to be on time to lessons and also to flute seminar (MUS 208 – Tuesdays at 2).  One to two hours of outside practice daily is expected so that the student is prepared for each lesson.  Each student must play at least once in seminar and once in departmental recital.  A student giving a recital is strongly advised to run the entire program during a flute seminar before the jury.  The student is responsible for setting up rehearsals with our instrumental accompanist and for arranging times when that accompanist can attend lessons.  The student should also arrange a dress rehearsal in the hall to be attended by the instructor.


Jury                The student who is preparing for either a junior or a senior recital must first present this recital to a panel of three faculty members for approval before being  allowed to perform it for the public.  Recital juries are scheduled by the instructor (and the department chair) as early as six weeks and no later than 4 weeks before the recital date. 


Evaluation     The student will receive a letter grade at the time of the jury.  This grade can be improved by the performance.  While jury grades from other faculty members will be taken into account, the instructor will determine the final grade for the recital based on effort, lesson preparation, the quality of the performance itself, and improvement.