University of North Carolina at Wilmington-Syllabus

                               Jazz History,  MUS 116-001, MWF 11pm


Andy Whittington, Instructor                                                 OfficeTelephone:  962-3390

Room 1005 Cultural Arts Building                                                                                                                                                                          

Course Objectives:

            1.  Define, describe, and identify major jazz styles

            2.  Understand lines of influence in the development and chronology of jazz styles

            3.  Identify major jazz performers and explain their importance in history and                             characteristics of their music

            4.  Recognize jazz styles aurally

Text:   Jazz Styles by Mark C. Gridley with Demonstration CD and Jazz Classics CD

Course Requirements:

Class Attendance:  Students are expected to attend all scheduled class meetings. Every absence beyond three will lower your overall grade by five points. Also, three tardies equal one absence. 

            Concert Attendance:  Students must attend two jazz concerts which must be on the                  UNCW Campus. 

Concert Reports: Both Concert Attendances must be reported on by writing a paper one page long.  Typed, of course.

Grading Policy100-95=A, 94-90=A-, 89-87=B+, 86-83=B, 82-80=B-,79-77=C+, 76-73=C, 72-70=C-,                     69-67=D+, 66-63=D,62-60=D-, 59-0=F                                                                     

            Quizzes                                                  25%

            Concert Reports/ Class participation      25%

            Midterm                                                25%

            Final                                                      25%


Calendar of Events: (dates may change as needed, all changes announced in class)

August 22: Classes begin


TBA: Quiz One

TBA: Quiz Two

TBA: Quiz Three

Oct. 8:  Fall Break Holiday

TBA: Mid-Term

TBA:  Quiz Four

Nov. 21&23: Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 5: Last Day of Classes

Dec. 12 at 11:30:  Final Exam


ACADEMIC HONOR CODE:  The University of North Carolina atWilmington is committed to the proposition that the pursuit of truth requiresthe presence of honesty among all involved. It is therefore this institution'sstated policy that no form of dishonesty among its faculty or students will betolerated. Although all members of the university community are encouraged toreport occurrences of dishonesty, honesty is principally the responsibility ofeach individual.  Academicdishonesty takes many forms, from blatant acts of cheating, stealing or similarmisdeeds to the more subtle forms of plagiarism, all of which are totally outof place in an institution of higher learning. Reporting and adjudicationprocedures have been developed to enforce the policy of academic integrity, toensure justice and to protect individual rights. Complete details may be foundin the current Code of Student Life andin the Faculty Handbook.


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kind. For emergencies contact UNCW CARE at 962-2273, Campus Police at
962-3184, or Wilmington Police at 911. For University or community resources