MUS 140-001

Tuesday & Thursday @ 12:00

Kenan Auditorium Room 202



Instructor: Andy Whittington                                                        Office: Kenan Hall 210

Phone: 910-962-3390                                                       e-mail:


Required Text:       Pianolab:  An Introduction to Class Piano, 4th Ed., by Carolynn A. Lindeman


Description:           An introduction to the piano in a group setting.  Sightreading, technique, and understanding of music rudiments will be developed.


Grading Scale:  10 point scale

                                 A           95-100

                                                  A-         94-90

                                                  B+        89-87

                                                  B           86-83

B-         82-80

C+        79-77

C           76-73

C-         72-70

D+        69-67

D           66-63

D-         62-60

F           59 and below


Attendance Policy: Absences beyond a total of four will result in lowering of the overall grade by five points per absence.


Weekly Quizzes every Thursday, handouts:         50%

Mid-term:                                                                25%

Final:                                                                       25%


Mid-term Date:        TBA

Final Date:               TBA




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