The University of North Carolina at Wilmington


Jazz Piano Applied Lessons

MUS 195-021


Andy Whittington                                                    Telephone:  910-352-7675 

Room 1018, Cultural Arts Building                    Office Hours by Appointment


Course Objectives: 

     Development of technique, sight reading, repertoire, and improvisation skills

     Listening with a performer’s ear

     Historical understanding of jazz piano

     Artistic development



      Recommendations will be made based on the student’s skill level

      Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner is recommended

      Students must have a recording device (cassette, MD, MP3, etc.) for recording of every lesson


Warm up:

            Do not enter a lesson cold


Course Requirements: 

            1.  Practice time daily equivalent to credit hours taken in course

            2.  Attendance of all scheduled lessons, no make-ups without an emergency

3.   All assignments given are expected to be completed by the next lesson, this includes learning of tunes (melody and changes)

4.   Attendance of all Jazz Piano Seminars and Departmental Seminars are mandatory

5.   Attendance of at least eight concerts, hand-in concert programs at juries for proper credit

6.   End of semester jury, for majors and minors only



Grading Policy:

Every lesson will be graded A-F, these grades will be averaged at the end of the semester for 50% of grade. Absences earn the grade of F.  Performance and seminar attendances will be combined for 25% of grade.  Jury will be 25% of grade.  Non-jazz piano majors may not be required to take a jury.