Need help finding a community service project for class? We can help!

In addition to our Signature Service Events and continuing projects, we also have a database of over one hundred local non profit organizations. By contacting our office, we can help you find an organization in your areas of interest.

Have you already found a non-profit org that you want to work with?

How-To connect with a Non-Profit organization:

  1. Find out who is the best, or most responsive, contact
  2. Meet with your contact in person
  3. Learn about the nonprofit's population and cause
  4. Ask what THEY need from volunteers and fundraisers
  5. Follow through with what you say you will do
  6. Assess the nature, impact, and your personal growth from the experience
  7. Express gratitude for the opportunity to serve

Want to get involved with a special interest organization? Check out and see which non-profits are currently looking for help in your area of interest!


"So you want to volunteer. Now what?"

Take a moment to read this interesting blog post from Points of Light on how to begin volunteering!

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