Parking for Persons With Disabilities



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UNCW Parking & Transportation Services has a zero tolerance policy for misuse of handicap parking spaces or falsely using a disability parking placard. Lack of parking spaces, being in a hurry, and bad weather are NO EXCUSE to use a handicap parking space.

If you do not have a disability placard or license, DO NOT PARK IN HANDICAP DESIGNATED SPACES.

handicap parking sign

  • Anyone who willfully parks in a handicap space without proper documentation will receive a $250 fine.
  • Anyone who willfully misuses a disability parking placard not assigned to him or her will have the placard confiscated; receive a $250 fine, and a conduct referral to the Dean of Students or UNCW Police.

Disability Parking Permits

Parking spaces for persons with disabilities are outlined by blue lines and identified by appropriate signs.

Faculty/staff or students with short-term or permanent disabilities who will have a vehicle on campus must apply for a disability parking permit to park in an accessible space as noted below.

For a short-term disability:

For a permanent or long-term disability:

State of North Carolina Disability Parking Placards

Additional information to obtain North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle disability parking placards and plates is available at

State of N. C. Temporary Disability Parking Placard:

State of N. C. Permanent Disability Parking Placard:

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