2015-2016 Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Registration

NEW! Don't Forget to Register for Your Parking Permit!

Online registration has closed, but faculty and staff may still come to the parking and transportation office to register for a parking permit. Gate Access will be limited until registration is complete. To register, please fill out the parking registration form and send or bring to the parking and transportation office. Please call 910-962-3188 or email parking@uncw.edu with questions.

Important Registration Information

  • University regulations require that all faculty/staff members parking a vehicle on campus must display a valid parking permit.
  • Faculty/staff parking permits expire annually on September 30, along with all gate access. Faculty and staff vehicles must be registered each year by October 1.
  • New employees must register their vehicles within 48 hours after beginning work.
Contractors, vendors and participants:
  • Registration of vehicles operated on campus by contractors, vendors and participants in special programs, conferences, and other events is determined on a case-by-case basis by Parking & Transportation Services.


How Do I Register for Parking?

Permanent faculty and staff members:

All faculty and staff must register each year to obtain a new parking permit for the academic year. All 2014-2015 Faculty/Staff parking permits expire on September 30, 2015, along with all gate access. If you register for a 2015-2016 permit, the gate access will resume according to the type of permit you purchase. University regulations require that all faculty/staff members parking a vehicle on campus must display a valid parking permit.

Online registration is available for permanent faculty and staff beginning Tuesday, September 1st until Friday, September 25th . Easy instructions are provided under the heading “How do I register online for my parking permit?”.  Employees who miss the September 25th deadline will need to visit the Parking & Transportation Services Office in the Warwick Center to register no later than September 29th. To make the process easier and faster, employees may complete the Vehicle Registration form and bring it to the Parking & Transportation Office, or fax the completed form to 910-962-3618, or scan and email the completed form to parking@uncw.edu.

Only permanent faculty and staff members are eligible for payroll deduction.  Faculty and staff opting to utilize Payroll Deduction for their parking permits receive a pre-tax savings benefit!  All deductions are based on the applicable parking permit rate. To determine your rate, use the schedule at the Parking and Transportation website and your annual salary as of June 30 or your start date, whichever is later. If you do not renew your permit and you are enrolled in the payroll deduction program, your payroll deduction will stop in your October 2015 paycheck.

How do I register online for my parking permit?

Parking permits for permanent faculty/staff are purchased via U-Business. When registering for your parking permit, you will need the following information: vehicle make, model and color; license plate/tag number and state.

If you are unable to use the online system or have any questions, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at parking@uncw.edu or phone (910) 962-3178.

If you are interested in parking at the parking deck located at the intersection of Reynolds and Cahill Drives, you may indicate this preference when you register. This privilege allows you to park in the deck as well as any faculty/staff lots (including gated lots). Faculty/staff members who do not select the parking deck may only park in designated faculty/staff parking lots (including gated lots). Access to gated lots and the parking deck, for those with that privilege, is applied to the permit holder’s UNCW One Card.

Temporary staff and part-time faculty:

Employees who have handicap placards or license plates:

Employees who have a motorcycle:

Employees eligible for reserved parking:

Display of Permits

Replacement of Permits / Vehicle Information

Expiration of Permits

All permits will expire as designated on the permit. All faculty and staff permits, regardless of the date of issue, will expire annually on September 30.

Vehicle Registration Restrictions

A. Faculty/staff members registering more than two vehicles will need to go to Parking & Transportation Services to register. Only one vehicle, registered to the same person, may be parked on campus at a time. (See multi-vehicle registration information below.)

B. The individual in whose name the vehicle is registered is responsible for all parking tickets issued to that vehicle.

Multi-Vehicle / Single-Driver Registration

When more than one vehicle will be used by an individual faculty, staff or student for commuting purposes, the following conditions apply:

1. All vehicles must be registered with Parking & Transportation Services.
2. Only one vehicle, registered to the same person, may be on campus at any time.
3. The permit issued must be displayed on the vehicle being parked on campus.
4. Violation of this policy will result in suspension of this privilege, a citation and fine.


Faculty and staff interested in the carpool program will need to come to Parking and Transportation Services to register for a parking permit. In order to qualify for reduced rates for carpooling, a minimum of two (2) persons who have registered vehicles on campus must submit a Carpool Registration form to Parking & Transportation Services. To learn more about our carpooling program, see the faculty/staff carpooling rules and regulations on our website.

If you would like to learn about vanpools or other alternate modes of transportation, please email Parking and Transportation at parking@uncw.edu with details about the mode you are interested in, and information will be sent to you.

Things you NEED To KNOW


If you have any questions concerning the registration process or need additional information about parking on campus, please contact us at parking@uncw.edu or phone (910) 962-3178.

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