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Photo taken by UNCW student while overseas. This is the Bucholz Airfield on the tiny island of Kwajelein and the Marines were headed to the Philippines.

Off-Campus Coffee Breaks*

Wednesdays & Thursdays 10:30 am-11:30 am
Fisher Student Center across from the Bookstore Entrance

FREE Coffee, Juice, and Breakfast pastries

Programs of Interest: Fall 2015

Emotional Health Week
October 5 through October 8
Sponsored by Active Minds, Health Promotions, Counseling Center, and the PERCH
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Academic Major and Minors Fair
Come talk to faculty and students who represent the 50+ majors and 60+ minors at UNCW. This is a great opportunity to explore majors and network with faculty. Sponsored by University College and the Career Center.
Tuesday, September 29 • 11:00am - 2:00 pm • Burney Center

Major Confusion
Feeling stuck in your current major? Not sure how to change your major? Come meet with representatives from the Career Center, University College, and the Registrar's Office to find out how the total process works.
Monday, September 28 • 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Azalea A, Fisher Student Union

Making your MAJOR Decision-Exploring Majors & Careers
Evaluate myths associated with choosing a major: assess your interests and explore their connection to academic majors and careers. Co-sponsored with University College
Tuesday, October 20 • 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Cape Fear Room, Fisher University Union

Military Student Spotlight
Patty, Exercise Science Major
United States Marines Veteran

Patty with MarinesPatty with Sammy

My first year transitioning to UNCW was the hardest year for me. After being out of the classroom for 7+ years it took some time to get my brain working in an academic fashion again. It took practice and it took asking for help and advice from my instructors on how to best study for their classes and keep my head above water. The military mentality is to be good at everything from the moment you are thrown into it. This doesn't work well in the classroom setting and it took some time before I became comfortable with the notion that I wasn't going to be a straight A student without putting in 100% effort, 100% of the time. That meant spending hours at the library and at home on the weekends with my nose in the books as well as asking for help when I needed it. That is key.

While I was pretty excited to leave the military in exchange for a civilian life I chose to become immersed with campus life. I joined many organizations. Some I was not able to keep up with and others I am still largely a part of. I stayed away from the military-affiliated groups in effort to assimilate with the general student body. It wasn't until last year, my second year at UNCW, that I longed for "my people." It is nice to feel like a real college student, it's not often that we are given a second chance in life and the GI Bill gave me that, however, my life differs greatly from those who are here straight out of high school. After a while, I wanted to be around the people I knew were like me and had gone through similar things. I found my place with the members of the Veteran Peer Support group. It's a great place to discuss our role in society in a positive way and a great place to feel like your back in again, chatting away and making jokes.

My advice as you make this transition is to look for help when you are struggling. Academically, reach out to your instructors. Personally, reach out to your peers. You are only as alone in this as you want to be. Asking for help is a form of strength and self improvement.

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