Pre-Professional Programs



Pre-Health Majors

There are no specific pre-health majors (i.e. pre-med, pre-dent, pre-vet, etc.) at UNC Wilmington or any other undergraduate school. In addition, Pre-Health students are not required to major in science. While many students pursue majors in the natural sciences, they do so because of their interest in those fields rather than strictly to prepare for medical or graduate school. Students can major in literally anything and still satisfy the prerequisite courses necessary for admission into medical or graduate schools of health.

Although not required, the majority of pre-health students choose to major in a science field. Typically about 50-60% of students major in biology and another 20-25% major in either chemistry or physics. The remaining balance of students choose from other majors available on campus.

Various resources on campus can assist you in selecting a major, including the following:

Additional Information

Like all undergraduate students, you will also need to complete your University Studies requirements, the required courses for your majors (see above links), and elective hours to total the 124 hours needed to graduate from UNCW.

Since almost all health professions programs are now at least a Masters-Level academically (most are clinical doctorates), you will be likely spending four years here before going on to professional school. Some schools, like the medical, dental, and physical therapy schools, expect you to graduate from college before attending. Other programs, like pharmacy, allow you to apply in your sophomore year and then move to their programs for another four years, leading to a doctoral degree, if accepted.

For these reasons, it is imperative that you learn all you can about the specific professional schools of health to which you think you will eventually apply and take the appropriate courses at the right time. Your pre-health advisors will be immensely helpful in this regard. Discuss all course choices with your pre-health advisors at least once each semester at pre-registration to make sure you are making suitable choices and progressing appropriately.