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Whom Do I Contact?

Topic or area listed in alphabetical order

Office of the Registrar
Front Counter: 910.962.3125

Campus calls: Dial 2 then the extension.

Calling from off campus?
Dial area code (910)-962 then the extension

What? Who?
Academic Appeals Dept. chair or academic dean
Academic dismissals and contracts Freeman Whitney, ext. 23123
Address change SeaNet (Personal Information)
AP scores CollegeBoard
Athletic Certification Ben Kempton, ext. 22143
Audit applications, including graded audits Sandy Drew, ext. 23128
Class schedule building Shane Baptista, ext. 22001
CLEP exams CollegeBoard
Commencement Ceremony

Transition Programs


Course drops/withdrawals SeaNet (Student Services)
Curriculum change requests (major, minor, cluster,
catalogue year )

MySeaport (Academics tab > Student Services)


General inquiries:
Naamah Noble, ext. 27978

Dean's List Maintenance Freeman Whitney, ext. 23123
Degree audits and u.achieve system support Teresa White, ext. 24176
Diplomas Paula Greene, ext. 23129
Directed independent study (DIS) Sandy Drew, ext. 23128
Degrees with distinction Paula Greene, ext. 23129
Dual enrollment admission of high school students Admissions, 910-962-3243
End of term processing Freeman Whitney, ext. 23123
Enrollment/degree verifications National Student Clearinghouse
Exam scheduling Freeman Whitney, ext. 23123
Extended matriculation Paula Greene, ext. 23129
FERPA (consent to release information) SeaNet (SeaNet Proxy Menu tab > SeaNet Proxy Management)
Grade changes Naamah Noble, ext. 27978
Graduation applications SeaNet (Student Records > Apply to Graduate)
Graduation clearance Paula Greene, ext. 23129
Hold on account Contact the campus department that originally placed the hold.
International transient study and international transcripts Sandy Drew, ext. 23128
Internships Sandy Drew, ext. 23128
Military credit Jill Parson, ext. 23124
Name change Office of the Registrar
front counter 910-962-3125
Name change
(extension students)

Assistant Director of Financial Aid/Admissions, Onslow Extension Campus 910.346.8246

National Student Clearinghouse (questions about status)

Jaron Collins, ext. 23957

National Student Clearinghouse

NCAA eligibility Ben Kempton, ext. 22143
Non-degree student (accepted only) questions Naamah Noble, ext. 27978
Notary Service (ONLY for UNCW transcripts and diplomas) Erin St. Ledger, ext. 23126
Notary Service (all others) Seahawk Mail, 910-962-3750
Office of the Registrar newsletters Erin St. Ledger, ext. 23126
Online Accelerated Programs (OAP)

Melissa Friddle, ext. 27359

Matthew Stewart, ext. 22077

Online forms Freeman Whitney, ext. 23123
Orientation Transition Programs,
ext. 23089
Placement tests, taking Testing Center, 910-962-7444
Placement test scores, receiving Jill Parson, ext. 23124
Prevent disclosure of directory information Office of the Registrar
front counter 910-962-3125
Probation, Academic Freeman Whitney, ext. 23123
Re-enrolling applications Susan Thornhill, ext 22145
Registration, general questions Office of the Registrar
front counter 910-962-3125
Registration PIN Academic advisor
Reinstatement after removal of courses for non-payment Office of the Registrar
front counter 910-962-3125
Report requests Jaron Collins, ext. 23957
(current/re-enrolling students)

Freeman Whitney, ext. 23123

Residency for new students Admissions, 910-962-3243
Residency appeals Career Center, 910-962-3174
Substitution/waiver or degree requirement modifications Rosalie Woodward, 910-962-3127
Supplemental credit (Foreign Language, etc.) Freeman Whitney, ext. 23123
Tax form, 1098-T information Student Accounts
Testing Center (administer CLEP and placement tests) Testing Center, 910-962-7444
Transcripts, incoming Rosalie Woodward, 910-962-3127
Transcripts, outgoing Credentials Customer Service,
Transfer course equivalencies Paula Barfoot, ext. 23130
Transfer credit Allison Moore, ext. 23036
Transient study (domestic) Office of the Registrar
front counter 910-962-3125,
Transient study (international), including TABSA Sandy Drew, ext. 23128
Tuition and fees Student Accounts
Tuition surcharge
(hour calculation)
Freeman Whitney, ext. 23123
Tuition surcharge
(amount owed)
Student Accounts
UNC Online Jonathan Reece, ext. 23122
Undergraduate Catalogue updates (degree audit) Teresa White, ext. 24176
Undergraduate Catalogue
Shane Baptista, ext. 22001
University Studies Clusters (degree audit only) Teresa White, ext. 24176
Visiting (non-degree) Student Registration Naamah Noble, ext. 27978
Waitlists Shane Baptista, ext. 22001
Website and Office of the Registrar calendar maintenance Erin St. Ledger , ext. 23126
(entire term-all courses)
MySeaport (Academics tab > Student Services > Complete Term Withdrawal (on left menu))





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