Office of the Registrar


Faculty responsibilities regarding grading are outlined in the Faculty Handbook. UNCW instructors enter final course grades through the Final Grades page in SeaNet during the grading period at the end of each term. The Final Grades page can be reached directly through SeaNet or through the MySeaport portal. A grade of incomplete requires the approval of the department chair and must be assigned using the Incomplete Grade Assignment procedure described below. Grades entered through SeaNet are "rolled" to student transcripts every evening. Once grades are rolled to transcripts, grade changes cannot be made through the Final Grades page. At that point, grade changes must be done through the Grade Change procedure described below.

The assignment of an incomplete, conversion of an incomplete to a final grade, and change from one grade to another can be done online. All approval steps and final processing are handled electronically. The course instructor should begin the process using the instructions below:

Incomplete Grade Assignment
Incomplete Conversion
Grade Change

We encourage faculty to use the online incomplete grade and grade change processes referred to above. The instructor's part of the process is straight-forward, the chair's and dean's approval steps are easy, and the update of the student's record is immediate. Department chairs who wish to submit a form on behalf of the instructor of record (i.e., if the instructor is no longer actively employed by the university) should contact the Office of the Registrar.