Undergraduate Re-enrolling Instructions

For starters, welcome back!

How do you get started?

If you left the University of North Carolina Wilmington for ONE semester, AND your grade point average was above retention level when you left, then you do not need to submit a re-enrollment application.


A re-enrollment application is required when you have been away for two consecutive semesters. Visiting summer school students need to apply through the Office of Admissions.

  1. Click here to access the online Re-enrolling Application
    1. Login Information: Please click on Secure Login for Faculty, Staff and Students and enter your User ID number (850 number) and PIN. If you do not know your User ID and PIN, you can retrieve the information on the link located above the User ID block on the same page.

    2. Application Deadline : Apply by May 1 for summer semesters, July 1 for fall semester, and December 15 for spring semester.

      If you are academically ineligible, the deadline to apply for Academic Reinstatement is March 1 for fall semester, and October 1 for spring semester. See below for details.

    3. Holds: Sometimes holds remain from previous enrollments. We'll let you know if this is an issue for you.

    4. A $75 application fee is due when you submit your application. You can make payment at the end of the online application process using Visa or MasterCard. Simply click on the “Submit payment” button to enter your payment information. You can also make payment at the Office of the Registrar in James Hall during business hours.

    • Fee Exemptions:
      • UNC Wilmington graduates
      • Active duty military
      • UNC Wilmington faculty and staff (check with Human Resources to see if you are eligible for the Application Fee Benefit)
  2. Submit official transcripts, only if you attended another college or university since attending UNC Wilmington. (You must have maintained a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale on all work attempted at other institutions). Transfer equivalencies can be found here.
  3. Check your application status. After you've submitted your online application, you can return with those same credentials and find out if a decision has been made. Just use the link you used to apply above, and log in again. You'll be able to see if we're waiting on any missing information. Check back as often as you like. If you think it's taking too long, give us a call.

Business -- Extra information we need to convey...

There may be other specific conditions for re-enrolling that affect you, and are outlined in the Undergraduate Catalogue.

  1. CSI? Why might you be chosen to complete a Campus Safety Initiative (CSI) application? This is a campus safety check that is requested based on how you answered certain questions in your application. The process is required and your application will remain on hold until it has been submitted and reviewed by the CSI committee.
  2. Extension/Off-Campus Enrollment(Onslow, Brunswick, Columbus)
    If you are seeking admission to UNC Wilmington as a non-degree-seeking or degree-seeking student in our off-campus extension program, you are still required to meet the UNC Wilmington requirements for admission as a re-enrolling student. Find out more.
  3. Previously Academically Ineligible
    If you have been declared academically ineligible, your re-admission application for fall and spring terms must be reviewed by the Committee on Academic Reinstatement.

    In addition to submitting a re-enrollment application, you must also petition the Committee on Academic Reinstatement , submitting the following:
    1. Submit a one page letter that addresses what hindered your previous academic performance, the strategies and actions taken while away from the university to improve and strengthen your academic abilities, and how your performance will be different upon return.
    2. Meet with an advisor and submit an academic plan of courses to be taken immediately and over the following semester.
    Earlier Deadlines:
    The requested information must be submitted by March 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester. Your petition materials should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar via one of the three methods listed here:
    1. Email: thornhills@uncw.edu
    2. Fax: 910-962-3887
    3. Postal Mail: 601 S College Road, CPO Box 5618, Wilmington, NC 28405
    Materials should be identified separately as: Personal Statement & Academic Plan.

    The Committee on Academic Reinstatement meets once in March and again in October. The results of the review will be passed on to the Office of the Registrar with a determination of the acceptance, or rejection, of the applicants depending upon their potential for academic success. Academically ineligible students may enroll in any summer session.
  4. Special Readmission Policy
    Although the traditional policy for readmission is the norm, the university recognizes that individuals can gain personal and intellectual maturity over a period of years. Hence any former UNCW degree-seeking student, whose grade point average was below the current retention standard, may apply for special readmission provided the student has been out of UNCW for a minimum of five years. Special readmission may be granted only at the time of application for readmission. Special readmission status, once granted, may not be changed. Degree requirements for the student granted special readmission will be those in effect at the time the student re-enrolls. The student’s original academic record will not be altered, and the student will receive academic credit only for past courses in which a grade point average of at least 2.00 was attained. The student’s grade point average will be calculated only for those courses taken subsequent to re-enrollment. Failure to maintain an overall 2.00 grade point average after readmission will result in dismissal from the university. A student may be granted special readmission only once. To apply for special readmission, please submit the Contract for Special Readmission Policy form.
  5. The Campus Crime and Safety Report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning certain crimes occurring on UNCW-owned or controlled properties. The report also includes institutional policies on campus security, crime prevention and crime reporting.

    This report may be accessed at www.uncw.edu/police or you can request a copy at the UNCW Police Department or by calling 910.962.2222. For additional information, visit www.uncw.edu/police

Additional Forms May Be Needed. Where do you get those?

Five Year Special Re-admission Contract

Sample Personal Statement

Change of Major/Minor

Residency Forms & Information


You're accepted, what next?

  1. Make an appointment for advising, prior to registering for classes. See registration for re-enrolling students for more details. Your department has already received an email alerting them to your interest in returning. Although you haven't been assigned an actual advisor, you can still contact your major department for an appointment.
  2. At the same time you're coordinating your advising appointment, you should start a conversation with the Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs staff. They will assist you in starting the financial aid process and answering any questions you may have. See the financial aid website for more information.
  3. Tuition & Fees. For a direct link to the current tuition costs, click here.
  4. Orientation? No, you're one of us. While we don't have an orientation for re-enrolling students, here are few helpful links to get you back into the swing.
    1. Parking & Vehicle Registration
    2. UNCW OneCard
    3. Meal Plans
    4. Housing

For further questions or concerns, contact Susan Thornhill thornhills@uncw.edu or 910.962.2145

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