Our Faculty

Dr. Mike Maume

Maume, Mike

Chair and Professor of Criminology

Dr. Mike Maume
Office: BR 207A
Phone: 910.962.7749




Mike Adams

Adams, Mike S.

Professor of Criminology    

Dr. Mike Adams
Office: BR 127
Phone: 910.962.3425
Email: adamsm@uncw.edu




Babette Boyd

Boyd, Babette


Babette Boyd, J.D.
Office: BR 125
Phone: 910.962.3049
Email: boydb@uncw.edu



Daniel Buffington

Buffington, Daniel

Associate Professor of Sociology

Master's Program Coordinator

Dr. Daniel Buffington
Office: BR 122
Phone: 910.962.3434
Email: buffingtond@uncw.edu

Carrie Buist

Buist, Carrie

Assistant Professor of Criminology

Dr. Carrie Buist
Office: BR 221
Phone: 910.962.2422
Email: buistc@uncw.edu

Susan Bullers

Bullers, Susan

Professor of Sociology

Dr. Susan Bullers
Office: BR 222
Phone: 910.962.7150
Email: bullerss@uncw.edu

Kimberly J. Cook

Cook, Kimberly J.

Professor of Sociology & Criminology

Dr. Kimberly Cook
Office: BR 228
Phone: 910.962.3785
Email: cookk@uncw.edu

Jacob Day

Day, Jacob C.

Assistant Professor of Criminology

Dr. Jacob C. Day

Office: BR 225

Phone: 910-962-7024

Email: dayj@uncw.edu


Kristen DeVall

DeVall, Kristen

Associate Professor of Sociology

Undergraduate Program Coordinator: Sociology

Dr. Kristen DeVall
Office: BR 128
Phone: 910.962.2636
Email: devallk@uncw.edu

Dr. Rick Jones

Jones, Rick

Assistant Professor of Criminology

Dr. Rick Jones

Office: BR 123

Phone: 910.962.7420

Email: jonesrw@uncw.edu

Yunus Kaya

Kaya, Yunus


Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. Yunus Kaya
Office: BR 126
Phone: 910.962.3428
Email: kayay@uncw.edu




Donna King

King, Donna L.

Professor of Sociology

Associate Chair

Dr. Donna King
Office: BR 248
Phone: 910.962.3574
Email: kingd@uncw.edu


Randy LaGrange

LaGrange, Randy

Professor of Criminology

Dr. Randy LaGrange
Office: BR 224
Phone: 910.962.3433
Email: lagrange@uncw.edu


Dr. Christina Lanier

Lanier, Christina

Associate Professor of Criminology

Undergraduate Program Coordinator: Criminology

Dr. Christina Lanier
Office: BR 124
Phone: 910.962.7691
Email: lanierc@uncw.edu

Diane Levy

Levy, Diane

Professor of Sociology

Dr. Diane Levy
Office: BR 232
Phone: 910.962.3430
Email: levyd@uncw.edu

Stephen McNamee

McNamee, Stephen

Professor of Sociology

Dr. Stephen McNamee
Office: BR 230
Phone: 910.962.7413
Email: mcnamee@uncw.edu http://people.uncw.edu/mcnamee/

Dr. Kenneth Mentor

Mentor, Kenneth

Lecturer and Onslow Extension Coordinator

Onslow Extension Coordinator

Dr. Kenneth Mentor
Office: Lejeune Education Center
Phone: 910.859.3460
Email: mentork@uncw.edu

John Rice

Rice, John

Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. John Rice
Office: BR 226
Phone: 910.962.7313
Email: ricej@uncw.edu

Ann Rotchford

Ann Rotchford


Ann Rotchford
Office: BR 205
Phone: 910.962.3420
Email: rotchforda@uncw.edu

Shannon Santana

Santana, Shannon

Associate Professor of Criminology

Dr. Shannon Santana
Office: BR 130
Phone: 910.962.2426
Email: santanas@uncw.edu

Lynne Snowden

Snowden, Lynne

Associate Professor of Criminology

Dr. Lynne Snowden
Office: BR 132
Phone: 910.962.3838
Email: snowdenl@uncw.edu

Jean-Anne Sutherland

Sutherland, Jean-Anne

Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. Jean-Anne Sutherland
Office: BR 220
Phone: 910.962.4170
Email: sutherlandj@uncw.edu

Jennifer Vanderminden

Vanderminden, Jennifer A.

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. Jennifer A. Vanderminden

Office: BR 121

Phone: 910-962-7260

Email: vandermindenj@uncw.edu

Angela Wadsworth

Wadsworth, Angela

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Angela Wadsworth
Office: BR 227
Phone: 910.962.7424
Email: wadswortha@uncw.edu

waity:soccrm:UNCW Waity,Julia

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. Jill Waity
Office: BR120
Phone: 910.962.3660
Email: waityj@uncw.edu


Cecil Willis

Willis, Cecil L.

Professor of Criminology

Dr. Cecil Willis
Office: BR 216
Phone: 910.962.3548
Email: willis@uncw.edu


Retired Faculty

Dixon, Richard
Professor Emeritus

Gary Faulkner

Faulkner, Gary

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Gary Faulkner
Office: BR 205
Phone: 910.962.3420
Email: faulknerg@uncw.edu

Part-Time Faculty Office BR 223
Davis, Richard davisrb@uncw.edu
Godwin, Kristen Anne kac3842@uncw.edu
Latterner, Keely latternerlk@uncw.edu
Murray, Chardon murraycl@uncw.edu
Pond, Jamie L. pondj@uncw.edu
Reiter, Abigail B. reitera@uncw.edu

Administrative Staff

stephanie laughter

Laughter, Stephanie

Administrative Associate BR 207 910.962.3420 laughters@uncw.edu

kathy parish

Parish, Kathy

Administrative Associate BR 207 910.962.3432 parishk@uncw.edu

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