Sociology and Criminology

faculty graduation


Commencement 2016

Fall 2016 Department Commencement Ceremony

Saturday Dec. 10th, 10:30 AM Cameron Hall 105

Every year the Sociology and Criminology Department holds our own departmental graduation ceremony in order to give the students an opportunity to celebrate with family, friends, and their classmates and professors in a more intimate setting. This year, like every year we took the time to bid our students goodbye and good luck as they leave UNCW. The following students were recognized for their excellence in achievement for the Fall 2016 Commencement.

Student Awards

Sociology Academic Excellence Award

Angie Lynn Anderson
Criminology Academic Excellence Award

Jordan A. Fox  
Student Speaker 

Angie Lynn Anderson
Name Reader 

Carly Lingerfelt Sobha 

Double Majors


1. Communication

† Honors Graduate

2. Political Science

*** Summa Cum Laude


** Magna Cum Laude

4. Sociology 

* Cum Laude

5. Spanish 

Our Fall 2016 Graduates

Sociology General

*Angie Lynn Anderson Wendy Leigh Hobbs
Jaramie Michael Black Kayla Marie Malone
Sara Anne Bruno Bianca Alejandra Oyaneder
Michelle Cobb Harrison Lonnie Revels
Tyler Nicholas Coffey Trina Joelle Sibley
Kayla Lynn Edwards Adama Wakai
Nathaniel Bearce Hilborn 

Public Sociology 

Nicole Marie Paulson 


** Brinhley Jennivit Alviarex-Robies  ** Jordan A Fox  Christian James Pedersen 
Camille Ashlyn Baker William Dwain Gunnels5 Daysja Megan Phillips1
Meghan Coxe Beacham  Darren Michael Hagenbruch  Michelle Nichole Piner1
Michael Wayne Boyd4 Bradley Thomas Hubbard  Tanya Schaaf2
Syreeta Michelle Brown  Pierre R Jonaus  Mary Celeste Skinner5
Charles Lee Collier Kyle Samuel Jones  April F Smith 
Carmelita Martinez-Corona  Jesse Samuel Kimberlin Nicholas Connor Smith 
Melissa Jaimie Costen1 Matthew Carlton Maready  William Jared Spencer
Allison Carole Danchise  Caleb Ryan McNeilly  Margaret Renee Stewart 
James Matthew Davenport  Shquanda Ayeisha Meylor-Monace  Simon Peter Strand-Poole 
Stephen D De'Simone  Grace Elizabeth Morgan  Natavia Kristiana Townsend 
Elise Avery Eisner  Bryce Richard Harrison Moses  Danielle Leann Tuss
Lindsey Rose Fair  Brandon Charles Mossop1 Sarah Wallace
Elijah Sherman Farley4 Phillip J Mulligan  Jake Anthony Wimberley 
Tameca Michelle Fields-Devone  Kevin Neal Nelson