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Teal Spotlights 2012

June Teal Spotlight

Anne-Cameron (AC) Hosea 

The Teal Spotlight, presented by the UNCW Staff Senate, highlights the dedicated staff members on the campus of UNCW. The staff member is chosen at random for an interview. For the month of June 2012, Anne-Cameron Hosea in the Center for Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CESTEM) was selected for the Teal Spotlight. A.C. Hosea

The Teal Spotlight, presented by the UNCW Staff Senate, highlights the dedicated staff members on the campus of UNCW. The staff member is chosen at random for an interview. For the month of June 2012, Anne-Cameron (A.C.) Hosea in the Center for Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CESTEM) was selected for the Teal Spotlight.

Anne-Cameron Hosea, better known as A.C., says she will answer to Anne-Cameron but will not respond to Anne. She has been working at UNCW for the past 15 years and started her career in the WSE Department of Curricular Studies as the receptionist and the department secretary. Since 2002 she has worked in CESTEM (formerly SMEC). CESTEM is responsible for training K-12 teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics so they have the information to teach their students, who are future UNC system students. The goal is for these students to have the basic knowledge and be ready for college level courses.  They strengthen the university’s regional engagement and outreach activities by partnering with CAS faculty and local education agencies (LEAs); as well as through events such as the Southeast Regional Science Fair (about 200 elementary to high school students from 13 counties) and Science Olympiad (about 800 regional middle to high school students.)  CESTEM also works with pre-service teachers providing strategies for integrating technology into their future classrooms.  Their office has the TLP, “Technology Loan Program,” where regional teachers can borrow equipment for their classrooms.  This equipment includes items such as a portable planetarium, a solar telescope, microscopes, laptops, cameras, and Vernier equipment, i.e., data collecting technology.  They have also received over $4 million in grants in the past and currently have several grants submitted for review. 

Because of budget cuts, this is the first summer since 1987 UNCW/CESTEM has not hosted a Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics Program on campus.  It is a great program and A.C. wants Parents to know that other sites still have programs.  Check it out online!  SVSM is a cost-free, state-funded program for academically talented NC residents who may pursue careers based on science and mathematics. The highly competitive application process begins in August each year for rising junior and senior high school students.  The program brings these students together in campus residential settings for intense academic study over a four week period with UNCW faculty. 

Some of the things A.C. is responsible for in her position are university & program requirements and how they apply to CESTEM; hiring for programs & activities; planning & organizing workshops; reporting; and managing state, trust, grant, and program budgets. She really enjoys working with the Center’s Staff and says they enjoy their work and each other.

When asked about challenges she faces in her position, A.C. replied: programs that cross fiscal years, acronyms, and moving!!  Since 2006 her office has been in Friday Hall, New Centre, King Hall, Friday Annex, and back to King Hall.  Recently they found out that they will be moved to S&B this fall. 

A.C. was born and raised in Kentucky.  She graduated with a BA (major: Religion) from the University of the South at Sewanee, TN.  After college she moved to Washington, DC and worked for the CIA!  She then moved to Wilmington where she worked as a court reporter (stenomask), a church secretary (“the pay isn’t much, but the retirement plan is out of this world…”) and a state employee.  She has attended classes at Miller-Motte College, Cape Fear Community College, and UNCW.  Some subjects she studied are accounting, drawing, water color, design, welding, art history and anthropology. She loves reading, art, laughing and vacations!

A food dollar card valued @ $25, donated by campus dining, was presented to A.C. in appreciation for a job well done. Congratulations to A.C. Hosea, this month’s Teal Spotlight!

Respectfully submitted,
Ashley Navarra

May Teal Spotlight

Linda ByrnesLinda Byrnes

1. How long have you been at UNCW? 7 years.

2. Did you work in any other departments on campus before working for Admissions? No.

3. What do you do in your current position? As a first-year admissions coordinator specializing in international recruitment, I review applications as well as plan and participate in marketing and domestic recruitment programs.

4. What is your favorite part of your job? Meeting and working with international students from all over the world! Recruitment grants have enabled me to work in eight markets in the last two years -- Jordan, Kuwait, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia -- exposing international students to the opportunities UNCW presents.

5. What challenges do you face in your job? Taking advantage of the numerous technological tools available in the new world of social media.

6. Do you have any funny stories to tell? While in China recently, I thanked a young Chinese boy for helping me with my luggage so he thought I spoke the language. He answered me in Chinese and I just nodded -- I’ll never know what he said!

7. Tell us something interesting about yourself. I’m looking forward to becoming a UNCW alum when I complete my Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree in the next six months.

April Teal Spotlight

Photo of April's Teal Spotlight, Helen KnollHelen Knoll

Helen from Payroll is the featured staff person for April 2012.  When told that she had been selected she said she was both surprised and honored.  Helen has worked at UNCW for the past 8 years.  She started her career at UNCW in accounts payable but not works in the payroll department.  In her job in the payroll department she processes the payroll and assists employees with the alph A-K as well as she audits and evaluates student, temporary, and premium timesheets.  Another of her responsibilities is to reconcile vendor billings.  Helen says that her favorite part of her job is when she assisting fellow employees.  The part of her job that results in a challenge is the time constraints and the deadlines she has to work with.  Because most aspects of her job must remain confidential she says that any funny story she may have shared she can’t due to that confidentiality.  Helen says that one of her biggest joys is volunteering at Mother Hubbard Cupboard and helping with the Friends in Need program. 

March Teal Spotlight

Photo of our March Teal Spotlight, Yvonne SidberryYvonne Sidberry

This month’s “Teal Spotlight” is Ms. Yvonne Sidberry. Ms. Sidberry works with the University Police and “is a hard working person and she takes pride in what she does.”

She started working at UNCW in 1999 in Housekeeping, and currently works as a Security Officer at the Center for Marine Science location. When asked about her job she replied: “[my favorite part of the job is the] Staff and Students at CMS. I love what I do as a whole; sometime it is not a nice place to work but I still love the job, just wish the money was as good.”

February Teal Spotlight

February Teal Spotlight - Owen OwensOwen Owens

As Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Owen is responsible for all aspects of maintenance for Housing and Residence Life. He has worked with the University for 11 years and “[enjoys] working with our students and the fact that every day will bring a new challenge.” When asked about what challenges his job entails, he had the following to say: “Customer service is our greatest challenge. It takes a lot of patience and knowledge to deal with our residents and their parents.” He enjoys outdoor activities, do-it-yourself projects and has been in facility maintenance for 22 years.

Respectfully submitted,
Brandon Thigpen

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