Student Accounts & Cashier Office

Course Attribute Fees

Attribute Code Detail Code Description Fee Cost
F002 2500 PE/Special Course Fee $80.00
F003 4258 Internship liability Insurance $12.00
F006 4257 Medical liability Insurance $12.00
F012 2540 Nursing Simulation Fee $25.00
F014 4259 Nursing malpractice Insurance $ 8.50
F016 2541 NC Flex Testing Fee $133.00
F017 2542 NC Flex Testing Fee $168.00
F020 2543 Standardized Testing Fee $125.00

A Course Attribute Fee is a unique code assigned to a course that will charge an additional fee, such as liability insurance.

Student Internship Liability Insurance

The North Carolina Association of Insurance Agents administers the general and professional liability policy provided for the University System of the State of North Carolina. Actual coverage is provided by: General Star Indemnity Company. Policy Number: IYG-372839. The UNCW Student Intern program provides $1,000,000 of coverage per occurrence and $3,000,000 per general aggregate for any claim or suit brought against your student interns, individually or jointly, for acts, errors or omissions arising out of their University-sponsored internship. Legal defense costs are also covered. Medical Expense coverage up to $10,000 is also provided in the event the intern is injured on the job site. As with any insurance policy, certain conditions or exclusions may apply.

All UNCW students earning course #498 academic credit for internships are required to subscribe for liability coverage prior to beginning an internship. See your faculty internship supervisor for details.