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Important Messages!!

E-bills will be uploaded on September 30th. Payment will be due on October 28th.

Non-payment of this bill will result in a hold being placed on your account. Holds prevent receipt of transcripts and/or registration for future classes

Tuition & Fees

Mail Payments to:

UNCW - Cashier's Office
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5926

UNCW Tuition and Fee Use

Fall/Spring 2014/2015 - In State Campus Rates

Fall/Spring 2014/2015 - Out of State Campus Rates

Fall/Spring 2014/2015 Extension/Distance Education (Course Section 800) In State Rates

Fall/Spring 2013/2014 Extension/Distance Education (Course Section 800) Out of State Rates

Summer 2014 Campus Rates

Summer 2014 Extension/Distance Education (Course Section 800) Rates

What is a Tuition Surcharge?

Starting Fall 2014: Billing Policy

A full-time regular-term student is an undergraduate student that is enrolled in 12 or more on-campus courses or a graduate student enrolled in 9 or more on-campus courses. These students will be billed the ‘campus’ tuition and fees rates for all courses (including extension courses).

Students enrolled in a combination of campus and extension courses (not meeting the definition of full-time regular-term student) will be billed at campus rates for main campus courses and billed at the extension rates for distance education courses (section 800).

Note: Full-time enrollment status may be determined differently for purposes other than tuition billing; i.e. financial aid.

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