Tax Exempt Status

A Registered Student Organization (RSO) is not formally recognized as an entity of UNCW, therefore not eligible for non-profit or tax-exempt status through affiliation. A RSO must make proper application to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for its own tax-exempt status. A RSO is NOT authorized to use UNCW’s tax-exempt identification number for purchases. For a helpful checklist on how obtain a Tax ID # click here.

In order to purchase items tax-free, your organization may be able to purchase items with the help of the Campus Life Business Operations Coordinator. See the section on Spending Your Funds for detailed instructions.

Tax Identification Number

A Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) is also known as Employer Identification Number (EIN), and is used to identify an organization for tax reporting purposes with the IRS. It is similar to a social security number for your organization. 

Monetary Donation (deposited into on-campus account) - UNCW has a TIN that may be provided to a company when RSO is seeking a monetary donation. Any funds received must be deposited into your on-campus account. When making a deposit in Campus Life, specify that it is a donation and provide the contact information for your donor. The deposit will be processed by the Advancement Office and a receipt will be mailed to the donor.  Please contact Campus Life Business Operations Coordinator to obtain the UNCW TIN.

Non-Cash Donation (Gift-In-Kind) - If an individual or business wants to make a donation to your RSO in a form that is not cash, such as equipment or supplies, it is considered a Gift-In-Kind. Please fill out the Gift-In-Kind Form and submit the form to the Involvement Specialist (FSC 2029) for processing in order for the donor to receive a tax credit for their contribution.

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