The UNCW Sustainability Committee

Committee Mission Statement

The UNCW Sustainability Committee shall promote and facilitate the cooperative efforts of faculty, students, and staff to educate, develop values, share knowledge, adopt policies and implement practices that are sustainable.

Committee Charge

To prioritize, to facilitate the implementation of recommendations that are identified to further the mission of sustainable practices in all aspects of UNCW’s institutional culture, including operations, activities, academic programs and community relationships.  The committee will provide an annual report to the chancellor that summarizes progress and future priorities.

Committee Members:

Stan Harts, Business Affairs, Environmental Health & Safety, hartss
Co-Chair, Outreach:
Diane S. Reed, Student Affairs, Career Center, reedd
Green Building & Energy:
Steve Sharpe, Planning & Design, Facility Mechanical Engineer, sharpes
Jack Hall, College of Arts & Sciences, Environmental Studies, hallj
Waste Reduction & Recycling:
Steve Swart, Business Affairs, Business Applications, swart
Stewardship of Natural Areas:
Roger Shew, College of Arts & Sciences, Geography-Geology, shewr
Waste Mgmt / Landscaping:
Chris Randall, Business Affairs, Physical Plant, randallc
Sustainability Assistant:
Kat Pohlman, Business Affairs, Environmental Health & Safety, pohlmank

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