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Supplemental Instruction is administered by the Division of Student Affairs and we are housed, with the Writing Center, Learning Services, and Math Services, in the University Learning Center. We are partnered with these other programs as the primary location on campus that provides students with peer academic learning assistance outside of their classes.

What is SI?

What is the Role of the SI Leader?

Where does SI take place?

Who should attend SI?

Adapted from The Curators of the University of Missouri, 2003


It is essential that we make our SI Sessions as comfortable as possible for students who come to us for help.  The atmosphere of the some rooms may vary due to limited capacity.  It is the SI Leader's job to make the best use of classroom space during both large and small sessions.


The following links will provide more detailed information about working as an SI Leader:

  1. Your Role as an SI Leader
  2. Partners in the Process
  3. Preparing for the Semester
  4. Planning and Conducting an SI Session

The following worksheets are designed to assist you in the SI Session:

  1. Assigning Groups
  2. Using the Matrix in SI Sessions
  3. Strategies for Large and Small Group Settings
  4. Large Group Exam Reviews
  5. Creating PowerPoints for SI Sessions



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