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Writing Tutor Training Requirements

The University Learning Center tutor training program is certified through the College Reading and Learning Association. CRLA is a member of CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) and is an internationally recognized tutor program certification association. Tutor certification heightens the prestige of your tutoring experience.

The following table outlines the minimum training all peer writing tutors must engage in:

Training Explanation Details

Writing Tutor Orientation

Introduction to ULC mission, policies, and procedures.

Define tutoring responsibilities, review basic tutoring guidelines, and discuss "do's and don'ts."

Role modeling with experienced writing tutors, including how to begin and end the consultation.

Starts at 9:00 am the day before classes start each semester.

Orientation usually lasts three or more hours.

Workshops & Staff Meetings

Several workshops and staff meetings are scheduled throughout the semester.

Topics include: tutoring theory, learning styles, diversity, campus resources, etc.

Some may require preparation (reading or writing).

You'll be provided with a workshop and staff meeting schedule early in the semester. Each workshop and meeting is scheduled for an hour

(See Coordinator about any time conflicts.)

Participant Observation

You will start your work as a writing tutor shadowing experienced tutors.

The first week, you observe these tutors during consultations. The second week, you lead consultations with the experienced tutor present to observe and/or assist.

Writing tutors usually engage in two weeks of participant / observation, typically starting the second full week of classes.

Reflective Writing

You can write about any aspect of your tutoring experience. The written reflection will be e-mailed to the Coordinator; due date will be announced.

Critical Writing

Each tutor will schedule one consultation with another tutor and compose an analysis and critique of the experience. The critique will be e-mailed to the Coordinator; due date will be announced.

Observation & Conference

The Coordinator observes a consultation and meets with the tutor to review and discuss. Coordinator observations are typically scheduled once a semester.

Research Project

Tutors will research and produce a poster OR handout helpful to student writers.

Details about this project will be presented later in the semester.
Due dates will be announced.

The University Learning Center also offers Advanced and Masters level certification training. Please see the Director if you are interested in pursuing further certifications.

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