About UNCW

Image of Seahawk Sculpture and Hoggard Hall Lawn

A Vision Founded on UNCW Values

At UNC Wilmington, we’re determined to continue making our university a premier institution, recognized nationally and internationally, for excellence in everything it does, for its global mindset and for its engagement with the community and the world. Our mission is inspired by powerful teaching, in-depth applied learning, extensive research, student engagement, creative inquiry, critical thinking, thoughtful expression and responsible citizenship. Our values encompass a profound belief in excellence, diversity, integrity and innovation, and a profound determination to put students and our community first. 

Our strategic priorities are:

Number 1: Attract and retain high-quality, diverse students, faculty and staff, ensure an inclusive campus culture that embraces a global mindset, and increase retention and graduation rates.

Number 2: Enhance educational programs and advance research and scholarly activities, including global learning programs and increased support for applied learning.

Number 3: Enable and promote a sense of place for students, faculty and staff by fostering collaborative efforts to enhance academic advising and student support programs. Invest in programs and services that support post-graduation success, such as career placement efforts and preparation for graduate school applications.

Number 4: Organize ourselves, engage with our community and the world, and communicate our efforts broadly and effectively.

Number 5: Fund our initiatives by building on strong relationships with governmental agencies, alumni, donors, foundations, corporations and other sponsors. Organize and conduct a successful fundraising campaign to benefit scholarships, professorships and new programs and facilities.

These priorities will be pursued in an environment that promotes the free exchange of thoughts and opinions, where human dignity is affirmed and respect for each individual is paramount.