UNCW learning goals in circle

UNCW Learning Goals

The four categories of student learning articulated in the university’s mission—creative inquiry, critical thinking, thoughtful expression and responsible citizenship—give rise to eight learning goals for every baccalaureate graduate of UNCW. These goals capture the skills and expected student learning outcomes needed to ensure breadth of learning characteristic of a liberal education (the goal of a general education program).

UNCW Learning Goals

Foundational Knowledge

Students will acquire foundational knowledge, theories and perspectives in a variety of disciplines.


Students will engage in rigorous, open-minded and imaginative inquiry.


Information Literacy

Students will locate, evaluate, and effectively use information by applying a variety of academic and technological skills.

Critical Thinking

Students will integrate multiple methods and perspectives to critically examine complex problems.

Thoughtful Expression

Students will effectively express meaningful ideas in speech and writing.


Second Language

Students will demonstrate basic proficiency in speaking, listening, writing and reading in a language in addition to English.


Students will describe and examine the importance and implications of human diversity.

Global Citizenship

Students will describe and examine the intellectual and ethical responsibilities of active global citizenship.

Definitions of Terms Used in UNCW Learning Goals

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