Competitive Sports Leadership Series

The Sport Club Program with input from Sport Club officers has developed a training program for club members and officers. The curriculum has evolved over time and is evaluated each semester. Those club members that successfully complete the series will receive a certificate of completion and their club will receive 3 bonus budget points. Please let us know if you would like to have specific topics covered!

Spring 2015 Schedule

September 9th 5:30p.m. SRC 219 Transitioning into Leadership
September 23rd 5:30p.m. SRC 219 Stay Safe: Managing Risk in Sports
October 7th 5:30p.m. SRC 219 Profile Pic: Social Media Dos & Don'ts
October 21st 5:30p.m. SRC 219

Guest: Counseling Center

Midterm Stress Management

November 4th 5:30p.m. SRC 219 Guest: Ethics Committee
November 18th 5:30p.m. SRC 219 Personalities: What Shape are you?



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