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UNCW Psychology Department, Professor Carol Pilgrim to Be Honored for Contributions in the Field of Behavior Analysis

UNCW’s Department of Psychology and professor Carol Pilgrim will receive prestigious awards for their work from the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis (SABA). The department has been named the 2017 recipient of the Award for Enduring Contributions to Behavioral Analysis, and Pilgrim will receive the 2017 Award for Distinguished Service to Behavior Analysis.

NATURALLY INSPIRED: Katie Martin prepares for the closing reception of her ‘Life Alive’ exhibit at Flytrap

Katie Martin only started seeing her art as a serious career throughout the past two years. She originally pursued a degree from UNCW in marine biology, but connected with acrylic painting during her college years, so she switched her major to studio art.

How to Prepare Professors Who Thought They’d Never Teach Online

Chronicle of Higher Education
Kate B. Nooner, an associate professor of psychology at UNC Wilmington, had initially worried that moving her Introductory Statistics for Behavioral Science course online would make it easier for students to cheat on assignments. So for each week’s assignment, students will be asked to apply the latest statistical techniques to their own project — which will make it difficult to share answers with classmates.

CoastLine: Ocean plastic is beyond garbage patches and part of human food chain

UNCW’s Bonnie Monteleone discusses where plastics are showing up and what some local people are doing to change not only the way we think about plastics – but how – and how much – we use them.

Traveling with Music: Dr. John P. LaCognata and the Wilmington Symphonic Winds Prepare for a Worldly Concert

The Wilmington Symphonic Winds will take listeners around the world this weekend with their concert at UNCW’s Kenan Auditorium. Dr. John P. LaCognata, director of bands at UNCW, and 65 professional wind and percussive musicians from across NC will explore sounds from multiple cultures.

Anthropology Students Search for Old Rice Plantation
UNCW students participating in a summer archaeological field school hope to discover a bit of history while gaining valuable experience. Students from UNCW and NC State are conducting an excavation at the Brunswick Riverwalk Park in Belville, NC, in search of remnants of a rice planation that dates back to the late 1700s.

Sea Lice Not an Issue in North Carolina

TWC News
So far, sea lice have not been an issue for beach goers along the North Carolina coast, but they are found in warmer waters farther south. "We should always exercise vigilance when we're at the beach. If we see jellyfish, just remember we're interacting in their environment. So if there's a lot present, stay clear or stay out of the water,” said Rob Condon, UNCW biology professor.

The Mineral City/Becoming Clyde

Celebrated author and UNCW professor Clyde Edgerton talks "Becoming Clyde" and what shapes him as an artist, father, educator and musician, as well as the inspirations behind his fiction unique to North Carolina.

Wilmington writer seeks help for refugees in Greece

Dana Sachs is organizing a local fundraiser to aid refugees in Greece. Sachs earned an MFA in creative writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and is the author of two novels and a memoir, as well as "The Life We Were Given," an account of child refugees from the fall of South Vietnam.

Olivia Causby, College of Arts & Sciences staff member, receives Global Travel Grant from the Office of International Programs

Olivia Causby, administrative assistant in the World Languages and Cultures department, expanded her professional career into Greece this spring as a participant in the International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM). This conference unites 23 countries to share innovative research and theories in intercultural communication, performance management, human resources and cross-cultural marketing. Sixty professionals presented papers and facilitated discussions on these topics. The resources and connections made through the trip will advance Causby’s ability to provide opportunities to students and better market her department

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