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Film Studies

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Recent whale sighting excites Johnnie Mercer's Pier anglers

Lumina News
William McLellan, a marine mammalogy research associate at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, said the whales most common to the area are the North American right whale, which is critically endangered, and the humpback whale, which is fairly common and regularly swims very close to the beach.

While most people enjoy watching the grass and flowers grow in lush gardens, Jessie Jarvis, an assistant professor in the department of biology and marine biology, prefers observing them flourish under the sea

UNCW to offer master's in data science next fall
UNCW will offer a master's degree in data science beginning in the fall of 2017. The University of North Carolina Board of Governors approved the new degree program during its meeting in Chapel Hill on Dec. 2.

Dr. Michael Gordon received a grant from the "Programma di Internazionalizzazione di Ateneo 2016" for his research on the Italian influence on Cervantes, particularly in female characters in the 17th-century Spanish novela. Read more

Film Studies Department Professor Todd Berliner’s article, "Legally Independent: The Exhibition of Independent Art Films” has been accepted to the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television.

UNC Wednesday is a speaker’s series presented by the College of Arts and Sciences at UNCW that provides faculty to discuss, with the local and regional community, a range of issues from across our College.

Each year we will draw upon scholarship in the areas of the Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and the Social Sciences to provide engaging lectures on topics within our fields. We hope to use our speakers series as a way to build an enlightened life for all who live in the Lower Cape Fear region.