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UNCW seeks input on coastal access

Researchers from the University of North Carolina Wilmington will survey beachgoers this summer about their thoughts on coastal access.
Additional coverage: WECT

Symposium aims to deepen opera's local roots

Opera Wilmington is branching out, holding the first of what organizers hope will be an annual series of opera symposiums. Sessions are planned Friday and Saturday at Cape Fear Community College and the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Several UNCW music faculty members and students are involved with the upcoming sessions.  
(Music Department)

Plastic soup

Resource Magazine
Evidence is mounting that chemicals can transfer from plastic to animals rather than passing through them and back out to the ocean. Cover artist Bonnie Monteleone explains some research she’s involved with at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. “Anything that winds up in the air is going to wind up potentially in the water, and through runoff, it ends up in our oceans, so that’s one way that fertilizers that we spray on crops wind up there.”
(Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Hatchery Is Breeding Better Oysters To Boost North Carolina Aquaculture

Greater Wilmington Business Journal (*sponsored content)
In 2011, North Carolina began supporting a hatchery on the CREST Research Park in Wilmington. UNC Wilmington faculty researchers and student workers are using selective breeding techniques, supplemented by some high-tech genetic research, to develop new strains of oysters to suit our state’s waters.

2016 CEA Winner In Emerging Company: Lapetus Solutions

Greater Wilmington Business Journal
Founded just a year ago, Lapetus Solutions – named for Lapetus, the Greek god of mortality – was the outgrowth of Lapetus Software, created in 2014. That company resulted from the collaboration of Karl Ricanek, a computer science professor who has worked in facial recognition software at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and S. Jay Olshansky, an expert in biodemography. 
(Computer Science Department)

2016 CEA Winner In Biotechnology: Atlantic Biotechnology

Greater Wilmington Business Journal
After graduating from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a degree in marine biology, Richard Huse had a decision to make. He was thinking of something “half aquaculture and half business,” and after having time to think during an eight-hour plane ride to France, Atlantic Biotechnology was born.
(Biology and Marine Biology)

Belville celebrates grand opening of Brunswick Riverwalk

Belville’s commissioner invited UNCW archaeology professors and students to search for Buchoi Plantation ruins near the park's entrance. UNCW notified CAMA officials about concerns that the park's development might disturb as yet uncovered remains.
(Anthropology Department)

May-lee Chai to explain 'China A to Z' at Prologue book club

Writer and UNCW assistant professor May-lee Chai will field questions at Prologue, the book club co-sponsored by the StarNews and public radio station WHQR. 
(Creative Writing Department)

In Praise of the Humble Oyster

Coastal Review Online
Ami Wilbur and technician Amy Finelli direct the UNCW Shellfish Research Hatchery, studying oysters and other North Carolina shellfish. 
(Biology and Marine Biology Department)

UNCW Chemistry Professors Receive $330,000 National Science Foundation Grant

Hee-Seung Lee and Rob Hancock are developing new types of sensors that emit light when attached to specific ions. The UNCW researchers are especially interested in molecules that light up in the presence of metals such as copper and zinc.
(Chemistry and Biochemistry Department)

Screening in Wilmington raises awareness about ocean plastic pollution

Some UNCW environmental studies students and staff are pushing awareness of the impact plastics have on our oceans.
(Environmental Studies Department)


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