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How Are Our Graduates Doing?

WCE Alumni and Employer Feedback Surveys Spring 2013

Results of WCE Alumni and Employer Feedback surveys administered in Spring 2013 indicate that WCE graduates are knowledgeable and proficient education professionals dedicated to improving schools and society.

WCE Alumni Survey Results
Alumni responded to survey items about the impact of their WCE degree or licensure program and to survey items about their current professional practice.

The highest rated items about the impact of WCE degree or licensure programs were:

The highest rated items about current professional practice were:

In addition, many alumni indicated that they have earned National Board Certification, additional certifications/licensures, and teaching awards. Alumni were also asked to provide examples of instances where they made positive impacts on student learning. Most examples fell into categories of affective impacts/professional dispositions, school/grade level leadership, and classroom strategy/program implementation.

WCE Employer Feedback Survey Results
Employers responded to survey items about the practices of their employees who are graduates of the WCE. The majority of employers gave positive ratings on all survey items.

The highest rated items were:

Employers noted particular strength in instructional strategies, knowledge of curriculum/content, and collaboration with colleagues.



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