Ed Lab Organization Chart

Watson College of Education
Dr. Van O. Dempsey III

Associate Dean
Watson College of Education
Dr. Ann Potts

Educational Lab Staff 
Mr. Brian Brinkley 
Mrs. Rebecca Walker
Mrs. Cathy Heglar


About the Ed Lab

The Betty Stike Educational Laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington is designed as a critical component of the undergraduate elementary and special education programs. Students practice the methods they are learning in their courses by tutoring a child in a one-on-one setting.

Tutoring is designed as a positive experience, focusing on the child's strengths, needs, and interests. Students are coached as they learn new strategies and skills in reading, writing and mathematics. Open communication with parents is also an important part of the Ed Lab experience.

The Ed Lab is located in the Watson College of Education Regional Educational Resource Center. It provides an environment rich with print and non-print media, manipulatives for math, and a wide variety of materials and supplies which invite learning.

The Staff

Ed Lab Staff members are dedicated educators with many years of experience in the classroom. Our goal is to support future teachers as they become reflective decision-makers. Staff includes faculty members and administrative support, as well as graduate and undergraduate student workers. Staff is available from 9 am to 2pm, Monday through Thursday, to review lesson plans. The staff provides daily support to the learning activities of the lab.

Parents as Partners

Parents are integral to the success of tutoring. They provide valuable insights into their child's learning and guide the development of the tutoring objectives. Tutors communicate with parents or caregivers after each tutoring session and give updates on learning progress. Parents are invited to participate in the Author's Showcase. At the end of the semester, tutors lead a summary conference with the parents, summarizing the semester's work. At the conference, parents also receive a letter from the tutor detailing the child’s tutoring experience.

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