Secondary Faculty in the MAT and Undergraduate Programs

Graduate MAT Program Coordinator
Dr. Ginger Rhodes 910-962-3290
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Robert Smith 910-962-4076
Graduate Programs Coordinator
& Transcript Reviewer

Dr. Carol McNulty 910-962-3361

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences seeking high school licensure 

Le Anne Smith 910-962-7348
Licensure Only
Tanya Malacinski 910-962-3912
MAT Graduate Assistant
Ms. Catey Miller

General Advisor
Dr. Janna Robertson 910-962-4036

English, Primary Advisor
Dr. David Gill
Dr. Denise Ousley


History/ Social Studies, Primary Advisors
Dr. Robert Smith
Dr. Donyell Roseboro
Math, Primary Advisors
Dr. Ginger Rhodes
Dr. Kelli Slaten
Dr. Allison Toney

Science, Primary Advisor
Dr. Dennis Kubasko
Dr. Angelia Reid-Griffin


Graduate Student Support Services

Graduate School Admissions
Kimberly Goern Harris 910-962-7449
Graduate Financial Aid
Kay Pugh 910-962-3177

Teacher Education Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Sue Combs, Health and Physical Education
Dr. Candace Bredbenner History Department
Dr. Victor Malo English Department
Dr. Chris Finelli Biology Department
Dr. Kelly Lee Chemistry Department
Dr. Daniel Johnson Music Department
Dr. L.J. Randolph Foreign Languages Department

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