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Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Robert Smith
910-962-4076 Phone
910-962-3609 Fax

MAT Graduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Ginger Rhodes

Department of Instructional Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education
Watson College of Education
University of North Carolina
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Welcome to Secondary Education

Undergraduate & Licensure Only

Welcome to the Secondary Education Website Undergraduate & Licensure Only Programs leading to teacher licensure are offered in the secondary (9-12) fields of biology, chemistry, geology, English, history, and mathematics. Students who concentrate in anthropology, history, political science or sociology may fulfill subject matter requirements for social studies licensure by completing a minimum of 21-23 semester hours in three social studies areas other than the discipline of major concentration. History 101, 102, 103, 201, 202 and PLS 101 must be completed, as well as at least one course in each of the following areas: sociology/anthropology, economics and geography.

Students who concentrate in biology, chemistry, or earth science may fulfill requirements for science licensure by completing 21-23 semester hours in three science areas other than the discipline of major concentration. A minimum of two courses from each discipline is required. Physics 260 also is required. Students wishing to prepare themselves as secondary or special subject teachers must fulfill degree requirements in an appropriate academic discipline, be admitted to the Watson College of Education and complete the following sequence of professional courses.

Program Sheet

Secondary Education 9-12 and Allied Areas K-12

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