Training & Conferences

Partners in the Watson College’s Professional Development System work collaboratively to define appropriate and effective preparation needs. Extensive dialogue with colleagues across partnership districts and charter schools affords opportunities to make important connections to learning and teaching. Because we believe that a strong learning community is built upon a model of life-long professional growth, we have made professional development for all partners an integral component of our PDS.

PDS Orientation Preparation

A critical preparation initiative for partnership teachers, administrators, and WCE faculty is the PDS Orientation. All partners complete the Online PDS Orientation Training that orients them to the goals and objectives of PDS and an understanding of the learning-centered model of coaching. Each partner has well-defined roles and responsibilities that overlap in the aspects of collaboration, reflection, serving as intellectual resource, and commitment to professional growth.

Extended PDS Preparation

Partnership Teachers assigned a WCE teacher intern are provided with materials and online training designed to update and assist them in mentoring their interns through the intern practicum semester. Site principals and site coordinators in schools with a cohort of interns also participate in the training.

Professional Learning Days

A conference is held each semester for partnership teachers and university supervisors who are working with interns. The conference provides a rare opportunity for teachers to have extensive dialogue with colleagues across counties. Professional growth opportunities embedded in the internship make important connections to learning and teaching for preservice and inservice teachers.

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