Jazz Combo

Music 130/330, section 203

Spring 2011

Meetings: M-W 4:00, CAB1086

Instructor: Robert Russell

Office: CAB 1028

Email: russellr@uncw.edu

Phone: 962-7440

Office hours: M -TR, 11 AM– noon, by appointment only




Students will participate in the rehearsal and performance of jazz standards and/or original arrangements for a small group (3- 6 pieces). Primary goals are the development of ensemble playing and leadership skills, improvisational ability, and increasing understanding of jazz styles and idioms. A typical semester will include at least one public concert on campus and may include other performance opportunities on or off campus.



Instrument must be kept in good playable condition at all times.

Students are responsible for obtaining recorded versions of the assigned music as required by director.

Each student will be expected to bring in at least two tunes suitable and ready for rehearsal/performance by the combo.



Fake books (such as the Hal Leonard Real Book or Sher New Real Book series) will be helpful but are not required.



You are responsible for all music assigned in class and for all announcements regarding rehearsals and performance dates. Combos generally perform at least twice per semester. Performances will be announced well in advance; each ensemble member will be expected to play in each performance. Missed performances will absolutely not be excused except in the most dire of circumstances (see below).

Absences will be excused only under extenuating circumstances (debilitating injury or illness, death in family, etc.) Except in cases of emergency, absences will absolutely not be excused unless you have made a timely and prior effort to notify me.

To be excused in the event of a time conflict related to a special (one-time) meeting of another course, have the instructor for that course contact me (by phone or in writing) at least two days before the rehearsal you expect to miss. You should take care of chronic conflicts during the drop/add period.

Each ensemble member has specific jobs to do on every piece we're playing; every member is needed at every rehearsal. Excessive absences will affect your grade. (See ‘Assessment’ below.)

Rehearsal space and time are precious commodities. Don't waste either. Be set up and ready to play by 4.

In the event that you are unable to attend a rehearsal, you are responsible for providing a “sub” player to take your place at that rehearsal AND for providing your sub with the music to be rehearsed. Failure to do this will result in a grade of zero for that rehearsal.



Student will receive a grade for each rehearsal and performance based on instructor’s assessment of student’s level of preparation and ability to play the assigned music. Final grade will be the average of all rehearsal/performance grades. You may make an office appointment to discuss your grade with me at any time.

Two unexcused absences will lower your final grade by one letter grade. Each unexcused absence after the second will lower the final grade by an additional letter.


Please turn off all cellular phones, pagers, etc. before start of rehearsals!