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WCE’s Marta Sanchez is Co-Principal Investigator on $1.1 Million Federal Grant
UNCW and Duke are partnering institutions on a $1.1 million grant awarded to North Carolina Central University by the Institute of Education Sciences in June. Funds will be used to create a new Research Institute for Scholars of Equity, a program that will provide one-year research fellowships to up to 60 upper-level undergraduate students over five years, beginning in summer 2017. The goal is to develop a more diverse field of highly qualified education researchers.


Dale Cohen

Steering the Trolley: Predicting moral judgments 
A trolley is running uncontrollably down the tracks toward five coal miners. The trolley cannot be stopped, but it can be diverted by an operator to a different track where it will hit only one coal miner. Where should the operator direct the trolley? Should the operator listen to emotions or logic when making this decision? Moral, high-risk decision-making questions like the trolley scenario interest UNCW psychology professor Dale Cohen and inform his research in support of his subjective utilitarian theory of moral judgment.


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2016 UNCW Research Magazine
The 2016 issue of the UNCW Research Magazine is now live! Discover the exciting research being done in marine sciences and psychology, film studies and aquaculture. From Masonboro island to outer space, this issue of the UNCW Research Magazine shows where research and inquiry can take us.



Using the Past to Make Sense of the Present
History takes part in helping countries learn from the mistakes and successes of the past, social change and civic life. The study of art history, specifically ancient pottery, helps people learn more about daily life, habits, economic exchanges and architecture, to name a few. For associate professor of art and art history, Nicholas Hudson, the study of ceramic remains provides a voice to the average person when literature may not have. 


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