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Lending Library
Please call 910-962-2579 or email us at assistivetech@uncw.edu to make an appointment to visit the Lending Library or register for a workshop. 

Physical Address
Natural Sciences Modular Unit (NS)
Room 1026
Watson College of Education
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

About Us

Sponsored by the Watson College of Education through funding provided by the United States Department of Education, this project focuses on the creation of an Assistive Technology Demonstration and Lending Site for persons with disabilities and those who provide education, therapy, intervention, and care for them. This model facility is housed at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and holds new and innovative materials and equipment currently available on the market, cutting edge materials, and material and equipment created by those attached to the center, as well as technologies with a history of positive effects.

In addition to the physical materials located at the Assistive Technology Demonstration and Lending Site, the project offers training opportunities for persons to learn the application and potential of various assistive technologies. The target groups for the trainings include prospective and practicing educators in addition to other care givers and community members who work with person of disabilities.

The Assistive Technology Demonstration and Lending Site is interactive and showcases technologies that address the needs of people with all types of disabilities. The plan is that the Assistive Technology Demonstration and Lending Site is a point of information for the community for education and training. People will be allowed to “touch,” “feel,” and “try” some of the latest devices available at the Site.

The aim of the Assistive Technology Demonstration and Lending Site is to provide an avenue for educating persons on the availability and use of assistive technologies that can provide the freedom and independence desperately sought by many persons who are faced with temporary or life long challenges due to their disabilities.