You are welcome to attend PAR Society meetings!

They are held every other Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

in Bear 103

Philosophy and Religion Society


We are a club that was created at UNCW by students that is dedicated to the study of philosophy, religion and any other scholarly field. We meet bi-weekly in Bear Hall on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm. At our meetings we discuss scholarly topics from all fields of study, help tutor one another and create a social network to help each other enjoy "college life". We also sponsor/attend debates and from time to time even show up to debates that we are not invited to. We are a fun loving laid back group of people who have a love for the difficult questions in life that are hard to face.

2015-2016 PAR Society Officers

President Jackie Stevens jcs4952(
Vice-President Michael Dobbins md4189
Secretary Taylor Smith tps1155
Treasurer Steve Nunez sdn9767
Organizational Liason Steve Nunez sdn9767


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